2014 Renault Kwid Concept details

2014 Renault Kwid Concept 1 2014 Renault Kwid Concept details

2014 Renault Kwid Concept 5 2014 Renault Kwid Concept details

2014 Renault Kwid Concept Interior 4 2014 Renault Kwid Concept details

Renault Kwid Concept has been recently unveiled in a car show held in Delhi. This new vehicle showcased the brands ability to focus on the Indian market and at the same time to bring into notice the knowledge of the brand for designing appealing and compact cars in the market. The vehicle looks stunning in its design and gives a joyful feeling. The car specifically designed for young customers with its unique designs and driving features. The car has been covered by explore petal of the lifecycle designed strategy. The car looks like a buggy car and its ride gives you an amazing feeling.

The model is strong and gives you the feeling of it with its unique and extraordinary design. The vehicle comes with two wheel drive transmission but gives you an impression that it is a off road car. The interiors of the car took inspiration from birds nest and serves as snug cocoon. The seats are suspended with solid base and give you the impression of light structure. The vehicle comes with air conditioning facility and the controls are at the front alongside the drivers control panel. The ventilations are through the concentric perforations. The dashboard is integrated and gives navigation for a flying companion.

Apart from the superior interiors and exteriors there are other features that will surely drive you crazy. There are lots of technological features which gives you the experience of superior driving and safe driving. The flying companion concept is fist for its class and in the automotive market which can be operated with automatic feature and pre programmed sequences. There is inbuilt navigation system which helps the user to control it using any latest gadgets or smart phones. The flying companion can be used for scouting traffics; you can take landscape pictures and at the same time detect obstacles on the road.


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