2014 Renault Twingo details

2014 Renault Twingo 1 2014 Renault Twingo details

2014 Renault Twingo 2 2014 Renault Twingo details

Renault is taking a giant step in marking their presence in the segment for small car with its all new Twingo which has taken a giant step ahead with their celebrated cars. The brands engineer and other designer have taken the inspiration from their original version and go ahead with this new model. In the year 2008 Renault designed their new model and at present time they are taking it further with a good spirit and hope to gain lots of benefits that comes with innovation and creativity. The main was to create a new model that comes with agility and at the same time more spacious and comfortable.

The new model is due for 2014 release and as of now not much has been revealed about the car. There are many changes that has featured with this new model and this can help the customers to get the desired features within compact designed and low ranges. The new machine is a four seated that comes with all renovation and modifications winning the race compared to other cars in the market. The car has been superbly built and weight is very well distributed which makes extra spaces within the cabin. Passengers can get more comfort and relax while enjoying the ride. While designing the model the brand ensured that no compromise is made with the comfort and other feature of the car.

The car comes with big headlights which comes along with direction indicators and LED lights that runs during the day time giving the car high feel. The new model has five door architecture which is first in its history and makes the car more versatile and unique than ever. Effective safety measures are taken which makes the customers safe and secure, you can keep trust in the brand as they are offering something worth.


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