2014 Skoda Octavia G-TEC

2014 Skoda Octavia G TEC 1 2014 Skoda Octavia G TEC

Skoda has recently revealed the specifications and details for their all new Octavia and it brings on compressed natural gas as well. According to expert the car comes with lots of benefits and added up gradations that can make any car fan go crazy. According to insiders there are lots of surprises that waist for the car enthusiast and this will surely make them happy. The engine runs with 1.4 liter TSI turbo charged engine and it delivers up to an output of 110 horsepower or 81 kW to the front axle of the car. Apart from all that there are many advantages and new schemes that are coming along with the car.

The car has a bivalent Euro six engine system that is compatible with LPG gas and comes with effective tiles and systems. There is automatic start and stop button that can help any user with flexibility. With a tank full of gas the car can run up to 245 miles which is around 410 kilometers and it emitting less gas as well. The mission is about 97 grams per kilometer. The advantages of the car are extreme and this is capable of delivering high performance. This will help the enthusiast to run the model in any extreme condition with full effectiveness.

This new specifications and detail are quiet satisfying for new model and this will surely impress the car enthusiast .there are new feature and added safety specifications that comes along with the car and all such will definitely help the customer to consider them the car in their list. The superb brand value and consideration are according to the standards of the car. There are so many features and up gradations that are for sure will make lots of benefits for its users. This are considered as the most modern day specifications.


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