2014 Volkswagen e-Golf in Germany

2014 Volkswagen e Golf 2 2014 Volkswagen e Golf in Germany

2014 Volkswagen e Golf 5 2014 Volkswagen e Golf in Germany

Volkswagen has recently announced the all new Volkswagen e-Golf that is electric version of Golf VII model which is going on sale in Germany at a base price of 34,000 Euros. According to the sources the car is amongst the successful European car of all time and the specifications are also quite impressive. The only difference or modification that comes along with this model is that it is electric version with four doors. The technical details and other specifications are quite similar to the previous model and this can help in getting the demand going. Add to it the efficiency level which will make it comfortable for users as well.

The model comes with output power of 115 Horse Power or 85 kW and the torque level is provided to be around 270 Newton meter or 199 lb-ft. The car speed switches from 0 to sixty kilometers per hour in merely 4.2 seconds and around 10.4 seconds to switch from zero to hundred kilometers per hour. Depending on driving as well as traffic conditions the fuel efficiency that is provided by the car is around 81 miles to 118 miles, which is quite impressive. The car model comes with a guarantee of 160,000 kilometer for their 24.2 kWh battery. The running cost for this new model is around 3.3 Euros per hundred kilometers.

Apart from the technical specifications, there is lots of other safety and security aspects that are fitted with the new model and all such feature are helpful for customers. The features that come along with this model are upgraded navigation systems, leather wrapped steering wheel, 17 inch alloy wheels, and the headlights are completely LED lights. There is an automatic climate control that comes along with the control panel. The tires come with low rolling resistance features for safety purposes.


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