2014 Volkswagen Twin Up Concept

2014 Volkswagen Twin Up Concept 1 2014 Volkswagen Twin Up Concept

Here comes the all new Twin Up concept from Volkswagen which is ultra fuel efficient car and it has been showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show that held recently. This reviews and good exert remarks shows that the car will make an impressive debut. There are few new concepts and ideas that are used and this can help to improve the performance of the car. The power train has been borrowed from VW XL1 which is a hybrid version of the car. The four seated vehicle delivers an impressive fuel efficiency of 178 miles per gallon and it is believed to be the most fuel efficient car that is ever built by the brand.

The type of the car is Hybrid Diesel and the vase price about the model has not yet been revealed. The EV modes of ranges are 31 miles and quite impressive for normal hybrid models. The miles per gallon for this new model are quite effective and are fuel efficient as well. The fuel tank capacity is around 8.7 gallons which is around 33 liters. The car switches from 0 to 60 miles per hour at 8.8 seconds. The engine that has been fitted with this model is two cylinder TDI engines that come with displacement of 0.8 liters.

The overall power that is generated by the model is around 47 horse power and the maximum revolutions per minute are not yet revealed by the company. The torque generated is around 159 lb-ft along with the transmission of seven speeds DCT. The model looks impressive and there are lots o added benefits with this new model. The safety and looks are given full care and there are necessary up gradations. The control panel comes with seven inch TFT touch screen monitor for getting all updates.


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