2015 BMW 2 Active Tourer details

2015 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 1 2015 BMW 2 Active Tourer details

2015 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Interior 3 2015 BMW 2 Active Tourer details

BMW is launching their all new BMW 2series that comes with fuel efficiency and low emission rates. There are lots of other changes that are featured in this model and it comes with high performance and efficiency level that defines a sports car and moves forward with the philosophy of BMW that has driven them so forward and demanding in the market. The car is hatchback style and this is quite demanding because of its looks and features that comes along with the model. The luxury features are quite included within the model and this is quite unique about the model. The innovations that are made with the car are quite unique and best within its class. The car has been redefined with new looks and the model combines with large, sporty and luxury features. There is state art of technology which is quite excellent about the model.

The engine has been featured with three four cylinders that provides twin power turbo technology which has been newly developed for this particular BMW 2 series. The output power that is generated by the car is around 150 horse power and there is a peak torque level of 330 newton meter and comes along excellent fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions. Both the models sprint from zero to hundred kilometers per hour in mere 6.8 seconds that comes along optional seven speed double clutch transmission. The car ensures superb weight balance and it helps in ensuring excellent efficiency level.

The body has been superbly built and combines the harmony of performance and precision along with the agility of the car. The car has been developed with sophisticated cooling performance that gives maximum performance. There are enough safety measures and security aspects are provided with the car which makes it quite helpful for the car users. This is amongst the best model that BMW has designed and comes with front wheel drive. The high degree of safety features are quite exciting about the car and traffic jam assistance, blind spot detection and anti-braking systems are quite unique about the car. All such facilities makes it quite effective and helpful. Almost sufficient infotainments aspects are given t this model which makes it effective enough. There are front as well as rear camera that helps in parking and avoids collision as well. There are sensors fitted which detects any abstraction and notifies the driver regarding the danger. In case the driver is unaware of it the speed automatically decreases so that the impact is less enough.

The brand provides superb interiors and exteriors that are one of its class and the feature are quite unique. Add to it the brand name and the value you can get it in the market. The brand is recognized as one of the top car manufacturing companies in the world and you can rely on them as they are quite effective and manufactures some genuine cars. The headlights are quite unique and has a new technology added with it known as the bi- LED technology and gives a bright, practical and a sporty look to the car.

According to experts the road presence of the car is extreme and this will provide the users and amazing experience. Moreover the emission as well as fuel efficiencies are quite low and normal making it helpful enough. The power train is of extreme level and the new engine takes the efficiency level to new levels and can create benchmark in the market. The car is expected to release this year and customers can get a pleasure of riding the machine. Let’s hope it gets good reviews.


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