2015 BMW X3 details

2015 BMW X3 1 2015 BMW X3 details

2015 BMW X3 4 2015 BMW X3 details

One of the leading car manufacturer companies in the world BMW is all set to launch the new variant named the BMW X3 in the coming year. There are lots of new features and advantages waiting for the customers with this new model. This car falls in the category Sports activity Vehicle and with the launch of this X3 you can get exactly that. The BMW has brought for you whole new dimensions of sport dynamics alongside premium ambience and agility. The car has been coupled with low emission and superb mileage which will add to the benefit of customers. With the added advantage of the brand you can get extensive support and feel assured of getting branded car at your service.

The first generation of BMW X3 was quite amazing and sold nearly one million units which has taken the reputation of the brand to a different level. The car also features the unique versatility and comes with best interiors and measurements. The fuel consumption for this new model is 4.7 liter per 100 kilometer on road. The emission rate is also quite less and is around 193 or 224 grams per kilometer. The pair of new technologies that feature with his car gives out more power and burins less fuel which increase the performance and also at the same time reduces the pollutant emissions in the environment. The exteriors and interiors are superbly done and it provides a new limit to the car which is in respond to customer requirements.

The new BMW X3 comes with dynamic lights that are modified with twin circular headlight. You can choose from the LED lights that are optional and eye catching grilles. There are front as well as rear bumpers and comes with integrated turn signals for unique experience. High level interiors with extensive features define the BMW X3. Considering the looks and appearances there are other important factor that are ensured with this new model and it helps you to get all the necessary safety and security aspects met. The new model comes with 2.0 liter diesel unit and gives out an output power of 140 KW or 190 horsepower.

The new BMW X3 is available for launch with a huge choice of four diesel cars and three petrol engines and its output power varies in the range of 110 KW to 230 KW. The BMW twin power turbo engine technology gives you the guarantee of superb performance and low consumption of fuel considering the EU6 gas standards. The fuel consumption for the brand combined in urban, extra urban and combined areas are 5.8-5.4/5.1-4.8/5.4-5.0 l per 100 km which helps it to deliver a mileage of 48.7-52.3/55.4-58.9/52.3-56.5 miles per gallon. The carbon di oxide emission for the car varies in the range of 141 to 131 grams per kilometer. The car has been powered by 2.0 liter turbo diesel with its global premier in this brand and creates a bench mark with its class.

There is another variant that comes with BMW X3 and it is sDrive18d which comes with a fuel consumption of quite low and has different ranges in its urban, extra urban and combined areas. It has been found to give 5.8-5.4/4.7-4.3/5.1-4.7 l per 100 km of travel, which is good as well. The mileage is found to be 48.7-52.3/60.1-65.7/55.4-60.1 miles per gallon and it is good for the brand and other facilities it is offering. However with this model you get a low carbon emission of 172 to 162 grams per kg. With the feature and response from experts this model is sure to get the appreciation it wants from the market.


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