2015 Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake details

2015 Jaguar XFR S Sportbrake 1 2015 Jaguar XFR S Sportbrake details

2015 Jaguar XFR S Sportbrake 6 2015 Jaguar XFR S Sportbrake details

The new model from Jaguar us soon to hit the roads and this is quite exciting about the model. The high performance and superb car gives an exclusive 300 kilometer pr hour and its expressions are quite exciting and it gives a legendary sports lineage. The new model from the brand incorporates the special features and gives an all new feature that can surely mesmerize the car enthusiast with its all new version that is ready for release. The two seated sports model will create the effective focus, expression and gives the agile to its superb car modulation.

The new model comes with lots of enhancements and power strain that can give it’s a ll value for the money. The model looks amazing and this is quite added advantage. The power train and the chassis enable the car to increase the boundaries of its performance quite easily. The performance of the car is quite electrifying and it is provided that the car gives 5.0 liter of V8 engine that of petrol and it generates a superb power of 550 PS of power which is superb and big. The torque level generated by the car is around 680 Newton meters which is all because of the increased power level of 40 PS and the torque of 55 Newton meters which is only because of XFR installation.

The increased level has been achieved only because of the revision of its new levels and engine management that is done for its optimization and also of the flow of air both to its engine and from the engine. The car engine has been upgraded and fitted with eight speed engine that is utilized by the Quick shift technology and it is specially developed for the F type and it increases the overall output and increases the performance of the engine. It helps the Jaguar to accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour in juts 4.6 second which is in real time fast compared to other brands. The highest of the top speed of the car has been noted to be around 300 kilometer per hour.

Apart from all this there are some new features are also added and the car look all advanced and equipped with all the latest technologies. The model has been upgraded to its technological excellence and this will surely excite the car followers. There are so many things are on offer which will definitely keep every user and car enthusiast at the edge of their seats. The connectivity, road surface features, handling and controls are excellent about the car and this gives the extra benefit for the enthusiast. The car has been subtly modified and the sport brake is dynamic with all features. The rear window graphics and other technological excellence deliver the best from every bit of the car.

The new car model has been fitted with 20 inch alloy wheels that is well built to suit the structure and manages the overall weight of the system. There are some security and safety systems that are added with the car and all such in comparisons to its standards. The name is sufficient and you can expect the effect it can create or spread in the surroundings. There are some lost of beneficial aspects and all such can effectively help in delivering high class performance from the car. The finishes have been excellent and the airflow managements has been done to its best. The extended bumper in both sides ensures the security and carbon fiber diffuser which are new inclusion in the system. The car variant will be available in five colors for customers.


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