2015 Mercedes Benz V-Class details and images

2015 Mercedes Benz V Class 2015 Mercedes Benz V Class details and images

Mercedes unveils the new V-Class in Munich, Germany. With this model aimed to replace the ageing Viano, it is expected to go on sale later this year. Mercedes Benz had discontinued the R-class due to poor sales and is expecting to fill the gap created by it with the much more premium V-Class. It is to be produced at its Vitoria factory in Spain. Prices have not been disclosed by Mercedes as of now.

One can safely say that with this MPV, Mercedes focuses on luxury and maximum comfort. One of the main features is the practicality seen the MPV as is sene in the solution of loading and unloading. The large rear windscreen can be opened independently of the tailgate frame which makes it easier to load and unload luggage instead of opening the entire larger and heavy tailgate frame. It also enables stacking. According to Kai Sieber, design head for Mercedes Benz vans, ‘It was a case of coming up with something completely new rather than upgrading a functional interior. We wanted to give our MPV real passenger car character and appeal.’

Mercedes offers three engine options – the base V200, the midrange V220 and the top of the line V250. All three are 2.1 litre four cylinder turbo diesel engine. The V200 produces 138 PS and 330 Nm torque, the V220 generates 165 PS and 380 Nm torque while the V250 offers 193 PS and 440 Nm. The front wheel drive platform for the vehicle is derived from the Viano. The electrical system is taken from thr new C class, but the technology is totally new.

Suspension is in the form of MacPherson struts up front and trailing arms at the rear. The Steering wheel derives its concept from the C class, although the parts are new, and is an electro mechanical system. The V class can be ordered in a short wheelbase (3200mm) and a long wheelbase (3430mm) version.

Technology for driving assistance and safety is worthwhile to look at. A driver assistance feature called ‘Mercedes benz intelligent drive’ is available in the vehicle and consists of radar, camera and ultrasound sensors. Standard features include Crosswind Assist and Attention Assist. Crosswind Assist is used to stabilize the vehicle in strong crosswinds while Attention Assist is used to keep the driver alert and warn him when he is attentive and fatigued. Active Park Assist, an optional feature, is used to help make parking easier, considering the size of the vehicle. Other optional features include blind spot assist and collision prevention.

Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Daimler AG says, ‘Sensuous, dynamic contours, intelligently showcased high tech and exquisite high class appeal make the Mercedes Benz V class an automotive icon that blends elegance and functionality to perfection. The new V class is a self confident statement of modern luxury and embodies our design philosophy of sensual purity in striking fashion.’ This is seen in the styling, designing and planning of the vehicle. In the UK, buyers can choose between two body sizes, with a choice in a single kerb side rear sliding door or two rear sliding doors. Size of the vehicle is 5170mm in the long version and 5370mm in the extra long version. Height of the vehicle is 1880mm. Therefore, it can be easily parked into multi storey car parks, car washes and standard size garages.


Internal features include a standard 2+2+2 seating layout and provides indicidual seating for upto six occupants. There is also available the luxury sleeper option in which the rear most seat folds to form a bed, while the front seats are electrically adjustable.

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