2015 Porsche Targa 911 details

2015 Porsche Targa 911 1 2015 Porsche Targa 911 details

In recent market the new model is Porsche is available and these will definitely enthusiast the car followers. The car has been introduced by the leading car manufacturing company Porsche and the new model will go in sale from next year that is 2015. The model has impressed looks an specifications that will surely impress the car enthusiast and car followers to its extreme. The technical specifications and details are best and suitable for all market needs. The car type is coupe and the base price of the car is 101,600 dollars and this showroom price. The length of the car is 176.8 inch and the wheel base is found to be 96.5 inch.

The engine of the car is designed Flat 6 and it gives a displacement of 3.5 liter and the overall power generation is around 350 horse power. The overall maximum power generation is found to be 7400 revolutions per minute and the torque generated is 287 lb-ft at the rate of 5600 revolutions per minute. The overall transmission of the engine is seven speed and that too completely manual. The car takes around 5 seconds to switch over from 0 to 100 kilometer per hour and the maximum speed generated by the car is around 175 miles per hour.

Apart from all that ether are some new technology and other added benefits that are added with this model. This will definitely add to its benefit and these features are quiet exciting and satisfactory for the brand and option that you are choosing. The emission and fuel efficiency levels are all perfect about the car and all such adds so much to its specifications. There are so many new technological features that has been brought with this model and this can definitely make it attracted to the car.


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