2015 Subaru Legacy details

2015 Subaru Legacy 1 2015 Subaru Legacy details

2015 Subaru Legacy 3 2015 Subaru Legacy details

Subaru one of the car manufacturing companies of America is all set to launch their new model named the Legacy and it will be available in the market by 2015. The car brings for you more compelling blend with full refinement, safety features and greater fuel efficiency. This car is amongst the largest interiors in sedan class and it continues the brand value alongside. There is an improved Eyesight system that comes with rear radar system supporting new driving assistance. There are lots of added advantages with the model and this will surely draw the customers for its new model. The entertainment aspect comes with full package and bets for customer satisfaction.

The car brings with its four cylinders Boxer engines which are featured with standard Lineartronic continuously variable transmission and an all symmetrical wheel drive. The mileage for the car has been amazing and it gives around 26 miles per gallon within the city and 36 miles per gallon in the highways. Combined you can get around 30 miles per gallon. The six cylinder model has a much more fuel efficiency and improved by ten percent. The new engines come with 20 miles per gallon with city and 28 miles per gallon in the highways. The Subaru legacy will be available from summer 2014 and available in standard, limited and premium trim lines alongside the top six cylinder 3.6 R limited edition.

The car has been designed with all the comfort features and it adds many more amenities. The car keeps in mind all the luxury needs and for that reason you get standard leather upholstery and comfortable driver seat. The seats are available in heat rear seats and there is the facility for air conditioning. The whole interiors are covered with high surrounding audio system which comes with 12 harman/kardon speakers.


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