McLaren officially revealed 650S

2014 McLaren 650S 1 McLaren officially revealed 650S

After the leak last week McLaren finally revealed all details and technical specification regarding their all new car which is all set to hit the market soon enough. The car will be presented on March 4th this year at the Geneva Motor Show which will features some of the new models this year. The 650S will also come to join hands in this fair. Some new features are added with this car which makes it really unique and bets in its class. The 650S comes with a front fiasco that is sold out and comes in a new look all together.

The car comes with 3.8 liter V8 twin turbo engine that produces around 650 horse power or 478 kilowatt of power. This has resulted in naming the car according to insiders. The ā€œsā€ stands for the sport and 650 is the amount of horse power the car is able to generate, which is quite new and unique in its class. Already McLaren has declared that the 650S will be faster than its 12C models which is more appropriate and specifically from Ferrari 458. Some new features and lots of innovations are made with this new model which makes it highly capable and good enough.

The car comes with fresh five spoke which are light weight and alloy forge wheels that are wrapped in the Pirelli Zero Corsa tyres which has been specifically developed or designed for this new car. There are few small changes that are made such as the door blades which come behind the front wheels and it generates more down force. This feature helps the new car model to provide extra 24 percent down force at the rate of 150 miles per hour in comparison to 12C. The 650S will come along with Coupe and other body styles coming spring.


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