Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic unveiled

Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic unveiled Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic unveiled

Range Rover is all set to mark its presence with the introductory model named the Evoque which will featured in the Geneva Motor show which is just a few weeks away from now on. There are quite a few impressive models that are doing the talking and hopefully it will create lost of buzz in the market. There are many reports and other details that are going round regarding this particular model and it comes with ore power and superiors performance just to thrill their customer in a new way. The car is turbo charged with 285 PS engine and it is optimized with high performance and sharp handling skills.

The car engine comes along with 2.0 liter turbocharged feature that is a petrol engine and it is up graded to 285 PS and generated a torque level of 400 Newton meter. There is in total an increase of 45 PS in the overall output and also the torque level by 60 Newton meter. This is quite exciting about the car and it comes with sportier finish and gives a new look to its appearance. According to car experts this new model will give an amazing driving experience in all tough and extreme road conditions. The engine is superbly built and amazing muscular body compliments it in all ways.

The car comes in stands size and equipments and it is the first fury wheel driving system that is one of its kinds and it improves on its traction which enhances the agility and improved fuel efficiency gives a lot to its car fans to cherish about. The car can be wheel driven seamlessly as well as automatically when required. For increasing eth enjoyment the steering has been auto tuned with words four wheel driving system and superb agility.

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