2014 Bentley Mansory

2014 Bentley Mansory 2014 Bentley Mansory

The Geneva Motor show has just begun and there you can see some of the top models in the world being launched and featured. Almost all they top car manufactures are show casing their brand new cars and this is a good opportunity to get to know about some of the leading car brands and details from the show, Bentley which is another reputed and quite known brand in the market of Car manufacturing is not lagging behind and they too are taking the chance of promoting their all new model named as the Mansory. The car will be available on sale by this year and the brand seemed to be quite excited and charged up with the model. This will be really a good opportunity for the brand to get all the attentions and as you all know Bentley is amongst the bets and reputed car manufactures designing some classy and accomplished models for its million customers worldwide.

Recently in show in Genève the new model from Bentley comes along with equipped and modified bumpers that has enhanced the look, as earlier the car is built strong and will definitely withstand and pressure. The body is strong and looks are tits positive sides. The engine has also been up graded and there are lots of added advantages and specifications that come along with the third model. Definitely this one will attract every customer and there is something to watch for. There is ventilated hood and also the side skirts are revised that can give it a good appearance. The car also comes along with rear spoiler and there is a 22 inch alloy wheels that gives the car and superb and stylish looks. This is definitely a run for your money and can be loved by most of the car enthusiasts.

The car is also available with bespoke interiors that have been featured with leather material to give that extra comfort and pleasure for every passenger. There is an exotic trim and also the alloy wheels that add a lot top its features. The specification and technical details about the model is also quite exciting and it will be amongst the high performance cars that are featuring in this Motor show. The car has been powered by 6.0 liter W12 engine that has been equipped with turbochargers and it has been optimized with ECU and there also exist the exhaust system for extra comfort. With all such modifications the car is now completely ankle to generate an output power of about 900 horse power which shows every detail and the capabilities of the car. This is something to watch out for and definitely you will love to drive the car with all such added benefits.

The overall torque that is generated by the model is around 1,100 Newton meter or 811 lb-ft that helps in giving a rise to its higher power generation that boost the output power level by 275 horse power that is really powerful enough. This super power engine and other specifications help the car to boost the speed of 100 kilometers per hour from zero kilometers per hour in just 3.6 seconds and it switches to 200 kilometer per hour in just 12.2 seconds. The top speed of the model is found to be around 340 kilometer per hour that is exciting and super to get from such high performance models. The brand is expecting good demand and performance both on road and this will help the brand to carry on with the good work that it has been going for so long. Let’s hope the model gets all the acclaims from customers.

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