2014 Subaru VIZIV-2 Concept

2014 Subaru VIZIV 2 Concept 1 2014 Subaru VIZIV 2 Concept

2014 Subaru VIZIV 2 Concept 2 2014 Subaru VIZIV 2 Concept

It been one year after which the car has recently launched the all new VIZIV-2 and the model was revealed way back in last year. The car comes with two doors, future technology that so quiet new in it structure and this will be quite superb about the car. This will definitely amaze the car enthusiast and the car will be featuring in hr recently coming Geneva car show which is just few days away. The VIZIV-2 is a new generation crossover model that has been inspired form the tagline “Vision for Innovation” and it is created with some of the advanced technologies, improved driving experience and superb finishes.

The car also comes with electronic power steering which will revise the whole stability of the car and will give it a new feel. There is a new damper system fitted with the car and it will help the car is reducing the vibrations, alongside the engineers have ensured that the machine can be reduces with the overall weight and greater steering feel with linear steering response. The 4.4 meter length car comes with VIZIV-2 has been specifically designed and finished so that you can get to get some of the amazing experiences and this will support the urban families and also their life style. The car is superbly power by 1.6 liter of diesel specialized with Direct Injection Turbo that gives boxer engines and three electric motor systems.

This is quite unique and special about the car and hopefully will drive the car enthusiasts. The safety and security aspects have been improved and it will provide new dimension to the car. The new safety feature will help to draw the customers and give them a good feel about the car. There is a crash safety performance that scores up to ninety percent and has a good rating for that particular aspect.


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