2015 Chrysler 200

2015 Chrysler 200 1 2015 Chrysler 200

2015 Chrysler 200 3 2015 Chrysler 200

Chrysler has been meeting the public demand and bringing out some of the best cars since long time. This time almost not much difference as they are launching the all new car in 2015. The car recently featured in the Geneva Motor show and there it got lots of acclaims. The new model has been redesigned and midsized for all its fans and there are new feature and attractive looks to get for. There are some innovative features and advanced technologies that come along with the car and this will definitely give the car fans the right model to choose for. The technical specifications of the model are impressive and it will surely draw customers towards it. The market of the midsized car is very competitive and is always in demand.

The car will be available in almost all the showroom by the second quarter of 2014 and he main competitors will be from Ford and Honda. This model will give tough competition and there will be some good and interesting facts to come in near future. For the time being you get a look at some of the best feature and interesting looks about the model. The car is reasonable in price and there are some attractive features that come along with the model. The specifications and looks are quite exciting for its model and this gives the model the extra edge over its competitors.

The car is basically a sedan with a base price of about 24,495 and the fuel tank capacity of the car is around 15.8 gallons which is in total 35 combined. The dimension of the car are 191.7 inch or 486.9 cm, has a width of 72.5 inch or 184.2 cm and the height is around 58.7 inch or 149.1 cm. the wheel base of the car is around 108.9 or 276.6 cm and this are some extended features and specialties that comes along with the model. The overall curb weight of the car is around 3402 lbs or 1543 kg and the ground clearance is 6.1 Inch or 15.5 cm. the overall luggage capacity for the car is around 13.6 cu ft and it can easily arrange a seating of five peoples quite easily.

The car comes with an engine of 4 Cylinder Tiger shark Multi Air II that basement of 2.4 liter and it generates an output power of 184 horse power and has a revolution power minute of around 6250 rpm and this is quiet satisfying for a model like this. The overall torque generated by this is around 173 lb-ft. the transmission is around 9 speed and that also fully automatic. The car gives enough fuel efficiency and that has lot to do its engine and superb performance that is delivers. These are really exciting and innovative feature that comes with the model and this will definitely give a right choice for the car enthusiasts.

The car has been renovated and there are lots of new features and styling features that comes along with the model and this will definitely attract the customers. The exteriors are also impressive with good looks and stunning finishing’s. The car is fitted with seventeen inch alloy wheels and it balances the car perfectly. The interiors look stunning and with upgraded features. All latest features are included and it will amaze the passengers with all facilities. The front grille and the lights are new and have been completely changed so that it goes with the model. The badge of the brand has also been changed and the front end of the car offers LED lights and the fog lamps. The taillights are also of LED variety.


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