2015 Ferrari California T

2015 Ferrari California T 1 2015 Ferrari California T

2015 Ferrari California T 4 2015 Ferrari California T

The all new Ferrari California T brings for you the elegance, versatility and the sportiness that you are looking for from one of the top and reputed car manufactures in the world, Ferrari. The car has lost of innovations and new additions in its every aspects and that is quite sublime and distinct about the model. This will definitely meet the expectations of the customers and give them the priority or demand they are looking for. The car is all set to feature in the Geneva Motor show which is just few days away.

The covering tallness has been reduced and this has resulted in wider stance and also lowers in height that resulted in wider rear tracks and fenders giving it an impressive look. The new model of Ferrari California that is sleeker and has been steeply sloped gives the wind shield and rear glasses a all new dimension. There are different and three dimensional tail lamps at the sequential turn signal giving the car at all new feature. There is a contemporary execution of the signature that gives the car a new and attractive front fiasco along with a trapezoidal grille

The all new California T races at the rate of 300 kilometer per hour and switches gear form 0 to 200 kilometer per hour in just 11.2 seconds making it highly capable and effective. This new model is also equally fuel efficient and it can tune up to 15 percent of fuel consumption compared to its other models and also it punches around 70 CV more with around 49 percent of torque generation at the seventh gear. The emission of this new model is also attractive with 250 gram per kilometer and it is combined cycle. The range of the car has been increased by around 15 percent making it more capable and effective.


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