2015 Fiat Freemont Cross

2015 Fiat Freemont Cross 1 2015 Fiat Freemont Cross

Here is the all new model from Fiat named after its other model at with lots of changes and renovations that are done just to compete with the other top brands in the market, Fiat Freemont Cross. This car has been superbly built and developed so as to give its fans the much needed pleasure and other comfort feature. There lots of added advantages and flexibility that comes along with this model and this will definitely enthusiast the car followers. The car will feature along with Panda is coming few days Geneva Motor Show where all eye are kept. The car has been built superbly and its Italian style is definitely a class and sure to enhance the car followers. There are lots of mew inclusions that come with this new model and this will be discussed in this page.

The car has more rugged exteriors appearance and larger chromes that insert into the bumpers gives the car an all new look and styling features. The headlights, taillights and the unique face stroke that has been fitted alongside the nineteen inch alloy wheel sis quiet distinct and stylish about the model. This will definitely enthusiast the car followers and alongside you can also consider the security and safety features that come along with this model. The black alloy wheels give a superb look to this car and are definitely an attractive muscular body finishes add to its designs. There is the black leather upholstery that comes along with sport mesh and it stitches the graphite headlights on the center of the console. The dashboards, instrument and the steering wheel is all ne and this al brings the car in complete package.

The Fiat Freemont Cross comes with four cylinder and has a 2.0 liter Multi Jet II engine that delivers an output power of around 140 Horse Power which is quite impressive and this is matted with fronts wheels and a six speed manual transmission. There is also a four cylinder 2. Liter output injection that helps in delivering and output power of 170 horse power and around 125 KW that can be worked with front wheel drive as well as the manual gearbox and it also has a n automated gearbox that is mated with six speed engine.

There are lots of other advantages and special feature that is added with this model and this will definitely rate the car amongst top qualities other facilities amongst the individuals. There is a8.4 inch touch screen monitor that is highly automotive a designed. There other feature such as the satellite navigation, complete rears parking system and other driving sensors just to ensure your safety and security. These features are best amongst it and sure to make the car followers go crazy about their new brand. The driver’s seat is adjustable and there are lots of other benefits that come along with this model. The foldable front seat and reclined model has been built just to make sure that car is all safe and secure. The second row of the seat is inclined and is built in for child boosters.

The Fiat Freemont Cross will be going in sale early next year but the price take and other details regarding the model is not yet disclosed. According to experts there are some lost of attractive feature that are added with the model and this will definitely satisfy the car followers. With the launch date coming and there are lots of model appear in this Geneva Car show. So gear up for the all new car show that is just few days away.


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