2015 Ford F-150

2015 Ford F 150 1 2015 Ford F 150

2015 Ford F 150 Interior 2 2015 Ford F 150

Here comes the all new dominant and competent sport truck that meets the needs of street truck fans and looking for high performance, from Ford. The model is powered by V8 engine and V6fuel economy. The special technical features of the model are that it is powered by Fords ground breaking 3.5 liter eco-boost engine and also features strong capabilities. The engine has a 365 horse power of power at five thousand rpm on normal fuel. The engine generated torque of 420 lb-ft at two thousand five hundred rpm. The new model also features two independent variable and changing camshaft timing for the purpose of higher performance and fuel efficiency. It is known that up to ninety percent peak torque is available from 1,700 revolutions per minute to 5000 revolutions per minute.

The model is strong enough and looks high on performance seeing the technical details. It has all the features and looks for a powerful muscular hunk which will offer so much for its customers. Above all this the model has the brand name and also the superb engineering excellence and innovation. Though it is considered as a small scale truck but is enabled with all the latest technological features. You can connect all gadgets and transfer files via Bluetooth or usb.

The system can be connected with any of the latest smart phones or tablets and can be used for downloading other updates like the climatic conditions and Google maps. It has a good and superb navigation system and will always ensure you are on the right track. The model has a twenty inch alloy wheels which provide full and complete balancing of the body. The weight distribution is superbly done and makes its look strong and powerful. Hope the model gets good reviews from its customers and satisfies them.


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