2015 Jeep Renegade

2015 Jeep Renegade 4 2015 Jeep Renegade

2015 Jeep Renegade Interior 5 2015 Jeep Renegade

Jeep is all set to launch their new Sports utility car named as the Jeep Renegade which is a midsized sports utility vehicle. In present generation with time the brand has designed every new model of the car and same hold for this model as well. This model gives the impression of go anywhere and do anything attitude and this is quite appealing about the model. The brand is one of the reputed car manufactures from US and with this new brand they can set new benchmarks. There are some excellent designed styles that have been the bench mark of this model and will definitely ensure this is quit effective and satisfying for the car model owners.

Here are some of the best features that mark the main appearance of the car and this is quiet exciting about the model. Here are some of the specialties about the model that has made superb coverage:

  • The car has a selec terrain system that is exclusive of the Rock mode and this is the new inclusion that comes along with the car.
  • The ride height has been increased and it is now at 20 mm or 0.8 inches which is good enough.
  • The skid plates and the front as well as rear tow hooks are quite exciting about this new model.
  • The fascias deliver around 30.5 degrees which is far above the break over of 34.3 degree angles for superior driving comfort.
  • All tiers are fitted with 17 inch and this maintains the overall weight perfectly.
  • The car comes with the facility of hill descent facilities which is quite unique and new about the car.
  • The car comes along with 19 inches of water fading that is quiet good and elevated.
  • The car also comes with the ability to tow weight of 1500 kilograms and its engine comes along with MultiJet II engine and it has an overall eight of 907 kilograms and has a displacement of 2.4 liter Tiger shark engine that comes along with tow package.

According to experts there are lots of new features that come with this car and this will surely draw the attention of any car enthusiasts. There are many new up gradations and technologically sound as well. Almost all the safety features are included which makes it safer and bets in the market. The price range is also quite affordable and best considering the positive features. There are many enhanced road driving and dynamic handling skills that are added with this model and has a sleek as well as athletic design that gives quite easy going attitude and superb handling facilities. It comes with 4×4 capabilities and has been superbly crafted at the interiors.

The car is amongst the safest and bets cars in the market based on the safety assistance tests that are conducted with the car. The model is designed with 65 percent steel which makes it powerful and also effective against any accidents. There are various precautionary measures taken while designing the car. These systems are quite innovative and safer from driver as well as pedestrian point of view. There are many improved and safety feature that are given with this new model and this allowed the prestigious car to be called as the new generation midsized SUV that gives it five star rating for its safety and security aspects. This will definitely provide sufficient energy and requirements for the car fans and this is quiet good enough. There are some of the advanced feature and new up gradations that comes along with this model.


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