2015 Toyota Aygo

2015 Toyota Aygo 1 2015 Toyota Aygo

Toyota is also gearing up to take part in the coming Geneva car show and there which will feature their all new Toyota Aygo alongside edits cousins the Peugeot 108 and the Citroen C1. These models of the cars are also highly capable and this will definitely give the model a good exposure. This will head for some tough competition that is coming up and the new model is all grown by length and it has around 25 mm more or extended to around 3455 mm while the height of the model has been reduced by around 5 mm to give an impressive 1,460mm. The front head room is up by 7 mm and this is quite exciting to look for. The pictures of the model have been released recently and the car looks all attractive and dashing.

The front as well the rear tracks are reduced by 8 mm and this gives a complete different fiasco which is in compares on to the new C1 and the Pequot model and this all new X graphic that is fitted with this car. This all make the car all new a stylish and also unique compared to its counterparts. the exteriors looks about the car is superb Dan this gives the car manufacturing company extra value for its looks which habits own spark and will definitely give tough competition. There are some extended and elevated feature that are all added with this model and this is definitely perfect for used car which is excited and gas many exciting packages in common.

The car has been power by the all new variant and stylish three cylinder 1.0 liter gasoline engine that delivers an output power of around 68 bhp or around 51 KW at the rate 6000 revolutions per minute and the overall torque generated by the car is 95 Newton per minute. The car generation is superb am this has been excellent as it can maintain the weight and power generation ratio perfectly to 1:1 and it has been fitted with 14 or 15 inch alloy wheels the dragging coefficient of the car is down and it has been superbly reduced from 0.30 to 0.29 which has helped in increasing the fuel economy of je car by 57.2 miles per gallon. This means the car delivers an effective fuel efficiency of 100 kilometer for every 4.1 liter and with corresponding emission of around 95 grams per kilometer.

The figures and efficiency level of the car is highly impressive an this will definitely satisfy the car follower as this can add a lot to its amazing car reputation. Moreover there are enough advantages and facelifts added so that the customer can get on with full entertainments and other advantages. The seven touch screen has been fitted that comes long with all advanced s experiences and you can tune it with your smart phones or tablets. This will definitely ensure roper entertainments and fun is fulfilled so that every customer can get the maximum out from toe car. There is a rear camera fitted with ET model which will definitely provide the passengers an extra edge and benefit.

The multimedia faculties and other advantages that comes along with the car is extended and this will definitely give the car owners the extra chance to make sure there are enough reasons to make it up. This model is all set to feature in the Geneva car show and there it will definitely win thousand hearts as the specifications and details have strong impression about its quality and features. Let hope everything come out goo with this model a get all the acclaim.


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