2014 Kia Optima EU-Version is ready to roll

2014 Kia Optima EU Version 1 2014 Kia Optima EU Version is ready to roll

The company has risen from its Asian roots and now has a global presence. Since 2006, the car makers have put extra emphasis on a visibly striking design, to create a distinct identity where performance meets style.

One among Kia’s most well known productions is the Optima. The original model was launched in 2000. For years the car was known in different names in different parts of the world. But now it has been decided that the original name will be used globally except China. The car is a four door sedan ( mid size segment). The present models are the third generation model, introduced in 2011, built on a Hyundai chassis. The third generation model featured a new design and since then it is being updated from time to time. At the 2013 New York International Auto Show, the latest 2014 edition was launched.

The 2014 version of the car includes a facelift. One of the big reasons behind the success of the car was that it had features not usually found in a Kia. This latest model continues that trend and also promises to be safer, more comfortable and stylish than all its predecessors. If one scans through all the features it is not difficult to understand that the makers are putting it all behind this one.

The exterior of the car is striking. The headlamps feature a new design plus LED lamps for daytime use. Kia’s signature ‘tiger nose’ grill has been slightly revised to look even bolder than before. The rear boot has been given an edged look with new lamps. New alloy wheels are added with 17 and 18 inch variants. Inside, expect more impressive work by the manufacturers. The seats have been fitted with deeper knee cushions. New glossy black finishing takes the style quotient higher. Steering and gear shifter both are new ( manual and auto both available). All together, the car looks modern from the outside and makes the passengers feel comfortable inside.

One of the notable features of the Car is the superb audio system. 550W is delivered through a 12 speaker Infinity audio system including a sub woofer mounted on the boot of the car. The speakers are placed in eight different locations of the car including the arm rest on the doors. This also helps free up space in the dashboard.

For the UK and European markets, there are new safety features. Blind Spot Detection will work when the driver is moving from one lane to another. If there is any vehicle coming from behind, the system will alert the driver to avoid any accident. The Lane Assist System is similar but works when the driver is drifting outside the intended lane. This is especially useful while driving in nighttime or going long driving journeys. Then there is the Rear Cross Traffic Alert which helps the driver to reverse the car safely. Apart from these three, there is other standard safety features like- large disk brakes, Electronic stability system, ABS, emergency stop signal etc.

The EU edition comes with only one engine variation. It is a 1.7 liter, turbo diesel which will churn out 134bhp of power. The manufacturers have put together several technologies to make an efficient, energy saving car. The EcoDynamics system reduces both fuel consumption and Co2 emission. The U2 diesel engine was developed by the manufacturers at their research center in Germany. The engine uses a common rail fuel injection with high pressure to provide tremendous fuel efficiency.

The Kia Optima has all the look, the power, the features, the performance to travel a long road in the world of automobiles.


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