2014 Kia Soul EU-Version has its Soul in the right place

Kia Soul EU Version 8 2014 Kia Soul EU Version has its Soul in the right place

The concept behind compact car or small family car is to build cars that will be suitable for use by a small family with features and performance that will suit their needs as well as budgets. Asian car makers have generally dominated this segment and South Korean auto giant Kia Motors is one of them.

The Kia Soul was revealed in 2008 and was launched in the year 2010. Upon release it was well received by the consumers. Its off-beat design became something of a cult favorite. As a result, the company has been upgrading the model from time to time. The new 2014 edition of the car was unveiled at the IAA show in Frankfurt, Germany. The makers were determined to keep its original look more or less intact so that its appeal is not lost. Some changes had to be made as the new model was built on a new platform but the car still remains recognizable. The minor changes have helped the car in a way as it is now more comfortable.


There are more changes in the inside of the car than on the outside. The new cabin is now quieter than before as the noise level is 3 decibel less than the older models. The room has also increased noticeably with more leg, shoulder and head room both in front and in rear. The passengers can get in and out more swiftly. The quality of material used inside has gone higher. The dash now gets soft touch plastic finish. The buyer can also opt for leather seats, one or two tone interiors. More interior color options are available than before. As a cherry on cake, the owner can now enjoy LED mood lighting in the car.


The new platform is perhaps the biggest technical change in the new Kia Soul. It is the same platform that is used by the ‘Cee’d’ car model. The more much stronger than before as the body is built with high strength steel. The suspensions have improved with MacPherson front suspension being in place. Riding harshness has been noticeably minimized. At the rear, the shock absorbers are longer than before leading to a smoother driving experience than ever.


On the engine front, the buyer can go either for the 1.6 liter ( 130 horse power/ 118 torque) or the 2.0 liter (164 Horse power / 151 torque) engine. Both gasoline/ petrol and diesel variations are available. It is possible to choose between a six speed manual and auto transmission.


One of the key attractions of this car was the long list of features. The car makers have not deviated from that trend and so this new model is loaded. LED lights are there both in the front and rear. Then there is the option of adding push button engine start and keyless entry in the vehicle. The air-conditioning of the car is very powerful with climate control features. Even the seats( front as well as rear) can be ventilated and heated. The power steering of the car can be set in three modes-normal, comfort and sporty, giving slightly different control feelings. Those who are looking high end entertainment and navigation will not be disappointed as the manufacturers are offering optional features like Infinity sound system and UVO navigation.


The very first model of the Kia Soul was lauded for its safety level. This 2014 model has reinforced this quality. Total six different air-bags are fitted in the car. In addition, the riders will be protected by modern systems like parking assist and Lane departure warning.



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