2014 Kia Sportage details

2014 Kia Sportage 1 2014 Kia Sportage details

It has been a making lot of news and there were lot of expectations form this all new Kia Sportage which is all set to hit the roads this year. There are lots of modifications changes that have been done with this all new model and you can expect something different this time. The car has been featured with all new navigation and up gradations that will definitely amaze the fans and provide a lot to them for their fun and excitement. The car has been featured with new technological features and comes in an attractive price range making it a model to reckon and this will definitely provide the customers so much for the in this design. The car first featured in the Frankfurt Motor Show and the show was arranged in September last years, following that the brand has recently released all the details and technical specialties that comes along with the machine.

The Korean manufacture focuses on its designs and outfits making it the most exciting model to go for. You can find lot of new features and specialties that come along with it making it the best of models that can help you get such elevated and extensive services. The initial pictures of the car was made available last year and since hen the brand has been taking lot of time to release and provide all the details that comes along with the models. However when it is out you can find lot of benefits and positive that comes along with the model. The car has all the necessary technological aspects and features that are required to make it a much needed and favored group in the business. There are new head of colors available with e car and you can select any one from four colors available with it.

However the model also comes with inbuilt stereo system and other enhancement that make sit attractive and also technologically sound enough to provide all the necessary aspect. The bumper has been slightly redesigned and it provides the car and all new exterior look. There are lot of new features and specialties that comes along with the modal and the car offers an extensive2.0 liter of petrol engine that also comes with dialed engines as well allowing the customer to select from both the variants. There is another version of the car that is available which I 2.7 liter and it comes along with V6 petrol engine that has been priced in the range of 14,000 euros to 19,500 euros. The car has revised front grille and has all necessary additional equipment making it a high performance car in the reckoning. The up gradations that are done with the car are with the money you spent outs and this will definitely draw the customer for rather new model.

The all new Kia model has been featured with facilitated and all new grill systems that are ere configured for fog lamps and there are EX variants where you can get all the specialties. This all make the car capable enough to deliver such high performance and superb power generation for its class. The car is also suitable enough for fuel efficiency and the low carbon emissions make its quite desirable and favored model. The car comes with all the necessary safety and security aspects which make sit quite capable and fruitful enough. The navigation and the GPS system has been upgraded and provide with all the latest features making it quite favorable and suitable for the purposes that are available. The assets are also change and updated to provide the best of features at its class. There are enough positives and advantages that come along with the car and make it quite capable enough.


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