2014 Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept

2014 Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept 1 2014 Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept

2014 Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept 3 2014 Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept

The all new model from Land Rover which come with some advanced and whole new specification is all set to feature within few days’ time and this will come along with the new detail and up gradations from its new venture, the new model has been doing the news with its concept and other pictures being leaked. But finally the brand is here with new idea that will all set to hit the road in coming years, the brand is yet to reveal and launch all other technical details and specifications with the model and this will definitely provide lot for its model owners and other technical team to feel amazed and so they can start using up the concept.

The new Land Rover Discovery Vision is all set to get launched in New York Auto Show and the pictures of the brand got released prior to its launch. The model is set to get its new details and other new up gradations with is new specifications in the coming year and this will provide so much for its fans. Apart from that it is believed that the car will focus on and unique and quite different concept that comes along with its and this will definitely provide the customers a lot to feel excited about.

There is a new generation engine and new specifications apart from a new and impressive looks that comes along with the vehicle, this all feature and details makes the car an all advanced and also demanding that has lot to get for its customers. So stay tuned for this version and the brand is all set to hold a conference and reveal all technical details about the model. The car will be slated to get on road later this year or may be in 2015 but will feature in this new show.


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