2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 revealed

2014 Mercedes Benz CLA250 5 2014 Mercedes Benz CLA250 revealed

2014 Mercedes Benz CLA250 7 2014 Mercedes Benz CLA250 revealed

Mercedes has recently unveiled the all new model of CLA which is one of its class and as said by the officials that this model will set new benchmark for the brand. The car is all set to create new history and the feature and specifications that come along with the car will definitely provide lot for its officials and also the customers that can attract them. This new model is quit different from other contemporary models and will set new records as they are all excited and charged up. The interiors and the exteriors have been heavily modified and all such comes along with new version of CLA version. The driver control panel has been equipped with nicely equipped and fitted panels that are piano and black color trims with silver accents and has a 5.8 display along its model.

However there are lots of new modifications and up gradations that come along with the model and the safety and security aspects are best in these new versions. The navigation, climate control and cruise control feature are quite new in its class and all such helps in delivering high class services and specialties for the engine followers. The finishes and the modifications that are done with this model are good enough and this will definitely provide lot for the customers. The new model also comes along with mbrace 2 connectivity that has an access to a whole new range of concierge applications and others services. However apart from that the brand also offers sun roof panoramic window at the top and a multimedia packed that offers the opportunity of package and also adds that infotainment aspect along with the features.

The new features and specialties that are added with those new model also collects to dual zone climatic controls and automated heated front seats. There is a hardam and kardon audio system that comes along with its interiors features. However the engine has been powered with a superb and newly developed engine and this provides a good performance for its performance. The engine has been featured with 2.0 liter that come along with four cylinder engine and the engine is made available in petrol yet generates an output power of around 208 horse power or 155 kw and the torque level that is generated from the model is around 349 newton meter. The engine has been connected with seven speed dual clutch system that has a fully automated and manual transmission which can be paired to the all-new wheel driving system.

However as far as the model configuration is concerned the model rises effectively over the MFA platform and has been featured with McPherson that has both front as well as rear suspensions. Moreover the CLA model has been featured with electromechanical power steering system that has a flexible and decupling system at the rear axle frame which has been quite deliberate and successful in providing improved and raised riding characteristics.

According to the brand and leading car manufacturing company they have decided to launched or make this new version of car available for its fans by the end of the years and round September in United States and then the pricing will be made available just before the launch. However you can stay updated for more information and other details regarding the versions which is all set to set new bench marks for the brand. According to the experts there are all necessary accessories and up gradations featured with this new version such as the GPS systems, sensors so that everyone can feel the change and get that driving pleasure with this class act.


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