2014 Toyota TS040 Hybrid

2014 Toyota TS040 Hybrid 11 2014 Toyota TS040 Hybrid

2014 Toyota TS040 Hybrid 3 2014 Toyota TS040 Hybrid

2014 Toyota TS040 Hybrid 10 2014 Toyota TS040 Hybrid

Here come the all new hybrid model from Toyota which will give tough competition to its competitors Porsche and Audi on the racing track. The new models will take up in the 2014 FIA world championship and new ear of racing. The car has been featured with all new engines and it delivers an output power of around 480 PS which is around 473 horse powers or 353 KW and it is boosted to around 520 PS which counts up to 513 horse powers or 383 KW. This superb power level is being generated by a power of 3.7 liter that has been enabled with V8 petrol engine and the maximum power generated is around 1000 PS.

However the brand has already completed the competition and they have tested the all new brand within the racing circuit, the team has been found to be quite excited about the model and this is the best part about the this new racing car. This will definitely mark a tight competition in the circuit when some of the leading car manufactures and the brands will be fighting for the top spot. Let’s hope with car marks a new history in this field in coming days.


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