2015 Citroen C-XR Concept

2015 Citroen C XR Concept 1 2015 Citroen C XR Concept

The present market is filled up with some of the reputed car bards and all are bringing out some of the competitive and highly innovate models one after the other. Here comes another deigns from one of the leader in car market n present time Citroen which is coming up with C XR concept and it is driven by vitality and strong demand for Chinese ,market. This is a new model of sports utility vehicle brought by the car and the brand has its own class and structure that is all set to get all technological features and new innovations focused on efficiency and higher output level. The new model has been jointly manufactured by Citroen and Dongfeng Motor Group to win the hearts of new customers in this fast growing and developing market of car market in the world. The car will sell around three million units of the model and this s based on the demand and popularity the brand has been creating for several years.

The technical specialties and other technical details of the model is yet to be revealed and apart from all such there is all the necessary features and added details. This all new Citroen features with new styles and design which comes along with full elegance and crafted to excellence. There are few added advantages that come along with the model such as the LED taillights as well as the head lights that are designed to excellence and it emphasizes on the temperament of the model. The technological modifications and all new sets that comes along with the model helps in allowing the customers all new feature and styling benefits just to make it suitable and subtle enough. The car has been featured with 17 inch an alloy wheel that complements the designs and all new styling of the sport utility vehicle. The present market is filled up with all new models and designs but SUV standout tall and almost all brands have revealed versions of it.

The all new Citroen ensures comfort and superb driving pleasure in all aspects and this allows the brand to recognize the model in all aspects. The styling and comfort factor has been gives the utmost importance and the brand was conscious enough to give all the benefit to its customers with this new version of the model. However the safety and security aspects that comes along with the models is much more demanding and enhanced compared to its predecessors and this are all upgraded with latest feature. The power generation and weight ratio of the car has been appropriately designed and this has been successful enough in ensuring such superb designs and performance.

In today’s market the demand and craze is for all types of cars and models that are technologically sound and have lower efficacy and carbon emission rates. This all helps in delivering and higher performance and with the model you can get such purposes served with bets possible results. The cutting edge technology and driving pleasure allows the brand to deliver such high class performance within its range. This are some best features and almost with all the latest and innovative designs that are featured with the versions. The power train of the model has been featured with TDI 160 petrol engine that come along with automatic stop and start push button giving all new driving pleasure. The overall weight of the engine has been also reduced and this helps in reducing the overall carbon emission and this has been features with this new version of the car, drastic cut in fuel efficacy and emission rates.


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