2015 Dodge Charger details

2015 Dodge Charger 1 2015 Dodge Charger details

2015 Dodge Charger 8 2015 Dodge Charger details

The previous model of Dodge Charger is all set to hit the roads and this model is all new with different added feature and above all an impressive and excellent features, the all new Dodge Charger is set to release in the year 2015 an comes along with new range of features. There are quite a few impressive factors that are coming with tis version and all such are just appropriate to meet the requirements of the customers. The bodyline has been superbly designs and there is a spark o pearl effect given to its overall paints and exterior appearances. This are suited to run in any road conditions and as an individual you can follow up with this version which is just appropriate to meet the present day requirements.

As far as the engine and basic model is considered the car comes along with 3.6 liter of Penstrat engine that has been featured with V6 valve that is newly included with a 5.7 liter of HEMI V8 system capable of delivering higher rates. There are some important specifications along with the vehicle and this is the best feature that comes along with it. The company declined the performance and other specifications that are considered with its basis and the newly included V8 engine is much more capable that the V6 engine which has higher output generation and the features are also quiet impressive for its part. However as of now the brand has declined to bring into play the performance specifications and other details but within a few days’ time you can expect to get all details.

The overall output power generated by the model is around 305 horse power or around 227 kW and the torque which is generated is around 363 Newton meter. The performance of the V8 engine is high and these rates the overall performance of the car, which has improved power generation d the performance is also improved compared to its other models. The brand has taken a giant leap forward with this new model and they are expected to launch this new version soon enough which is a remodeled and new design of the 2011 model coming with whole new features and specifications. The different between the V6 and V8 engine is quiet a margin and this has been the plus point that featured with this version of the car, the initial producing around 305 horse power and the latter is generating around 379 horse power and so as the torque levels.

However this version of the car is not a new one with brand has been in the scenario from 1969a and since then the brand has evolved its whole mechanism and new fronts with time. This is the specialty that comes along with this version and hopefully the added features and specifications that come along with it will definitely featured with new details. The car has also been featured with 164 LRD bulbs that come along with it and this all are inclusive of other technological details. There are some new innovative designs and applications that come along with the mode which help in improved and stylish interiors with new features. There is a three spoke steering wheel that is featured with the version and also the world class materials that feature along with it. The car also feature the Uconnect Touch an application that comes along with its touch pad capable of playing all videos and music’s that are in the forefront, make sure you follow it up and this will ensure a good performance and feature that comes along with the model.


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