2015 Fiat Ducato Facelift features

2015 Fiat Ducato Facelift 1 2015 Fiat Ducato Facelift features

Fiat Ducato facelift comes with all new technologies and new sleeker styling finishes that have been updated with new generation technology and other features. This model will be available in four different engines allowing the comfort and other appearance for its class. The modern day Fiat Ducato facelift has been made extensive with all new features and technological aspects that comes with this version of the car and making it highly reliable and has superb performance alongside its body line. The new safety and security feature are all added with this version of the car and this makes it good enough for its structure and driving comfort. Fiat has been known to focus on improved and whole new technology with every launched and this one is all the same, so you can rely on it and this offers the best for you all the time.

Under the same hood the car has been brought and focusses with four engine variants making it suitable and giving more options for the customers worldwide. The brand value and name allows it to function superbly and effectively.


  • The car comes with 2.0 liter MultiJet II that has been featured with 115 PS power and is around 84 KW and the overall torque generation is around 280 Newton meter. All other features and aspects are same and quite similar enough.
  • Another version has been featured with 2.3 liter of MultiJet II and comes with 130 PS providing an output power of around 95 KW and the torque generation is around 320 newton meter or 236 lb-ft.
  • There is similar model that comes with such performance and the power generation is same with 2,3 liter and MultiJet II that delivers around 130 PS or around 95 KW and the torque generated is around 350 newton meter with 258 lb-ft.
  • The last but not the least is far more updated and featured with 3.0 liter with MultiJet II and has an output power of around 180 PS and is coming to 132 KW whereas the torque level generated is around 400 newton meter or 295 lb-ft of torque.

All the models are changed and have different engine specification but from exterior and outwards it is all the same and delivers high performance based on its engine and other capabilities. There are all necessary safety and nee ranges of feature that comes with this version and this help sin delivering all performers and new generation technological features. This is what best comes with the model md makes it quite effective and reliable enough. The interiors and other features are enabled with almost all necessary requirements n this help sin delivering such high performance. There are LED lights that are fitted with the model and that car makes its debut in 12th May.

As far as other features and details are considered the car comes with upgraded and new ranges of GPS and navigation system, fitted with 17 inch alloy wheels that balance and has almost all the technological and new ranges that comes with its model. The car also comes with new generation functions and details that come within it and this has been nicely equipped and fitted with all infotainments and entertainments systems. The car also has a rear view cameras and the GPS navigations for all new features and this present version. There are three different rim levels with this version of the car.


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