2015 Lexus NX details

2015 Lexus NX 1 2015 Lexus NX details

2015 Lexus NX 7 2015 Lexus NX details

The all new model of Lexus NX has been recently unveiled by a magazine and you can find all the details and specifications mentioned that feature in this new version of the car. The car detail shave been recently out with a French Magazine publishing all the details, the car is however slated for 2015 release and there are few attractive packages and facelifts that comes along with the machine. The recent photo and other pictures that has been launched by the brand shows the well-toned and maintained structure of this new version of Lexus NX and has an attractive and new styling features that comes with this versions, however available in two variants such as the LF-NX and the LF-NX turbo concepts.

However along with pictures the magazine also revealed and lunched all the technical details and specifications those coms along with the model ns this has been compared and provide with added advantages. The all new Lexus model is delivering a hybrid powertrain and this is possible to give an output power of around 300h which is delivered form its superb and powerful engine of 2.5 liter that has been power with four cylinders engine and it has an electric motor that comes along with it. This is also being linked along with another gasoline model that was followed up by the brand few days back.

The new model has lot of special features and detail that comes along with the model and this is the main things that come along with you can get enhanced abilities and superb styling. The taillight is having low and is made up of conventional pipes all through. The rear bumper and the superb design of the car ensures that is has a new model that comes with new and attractive features.


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