2015 Lincoln Navigator details and photos

2015 Lincoln Navigator 1 2015 Lincoln Navigator details and photos

2015 Lincoln Navigator 5 2015 Lincoln Navigator details and photos

2015 Lincoln Navigator Interior 1 2015 Lincoln Navigator details and photos

The Navigator is one of the best known cars from Lincoln, the luxury division of Ford. This luxury vehicle enjoys cult popularity among celebrities and in the Custom SUV niche. Since 2007, Lincoln Navigator has entered its third generation of production. For the 2015 model year, a new refreshed version was showcased at the Washington Auto Show. It will hit the road in late 2014. The car has gone through extensive changes to make a significant impact in its segment where it faces big rivals like Cadillac Escalade and Mercedes GL class.

Exterior/ Interior

This new edition of the Lincoln Navigator looks quite different from its previous carnations thanks to the new split winged grill at the front. The rear side has also changed. Now at the back you will see a full width lighting tailgate and single exhaust pipe. The size dimensions are unchanged though.

The interior of the car has been significantly upgraded from older models. The stitches around the seats and doors have been complimented with new leather. The twin dash has been wrapped with leather too. As a result the interior now looks more premium than before. the central console now has touchscreen easy controlling. The new MyLincoln Touch system will let the driver use touch, voice command or steering wheel switches for audio function, climate control, phone and navigational functions etc. the soundproofing of the cabin is now better than before.

Engine/ Performance

The new Lincoln Navigator has replaced the old V8 engine with a Ford EcoBoost 3.5 liter direct-injected V6 engine. the makers are claiming that this engine will deliver best in class fuel efficiency. The engine can belt out 370 horsepower and 460 pound feet of torque. This powerful engine also has a towing capacity of 9000 pounds. Electronically adjustable shock absorbers will ensure a smooth ride for passengers.


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