2015 McLaren 650S features and details

2015 McLaren 650S 1 2015 McLaren 650S features and details

British car makers McLaren Automotive is one of the most respected sports car brands in the world thanks to its success in the formula one racing circuit. But in the on road sports car segment it has been facing stiff competition from brands like Porsche and Ferrari. To counter that McLaren has been steadily growing its portfolio. Few months’ back it was announced that a new model will be launched based on the existing MP4-12C model. The new McLaren 650S first appeared at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show and will also feature in the 2014 New York Auto show.

Exterior/ Interior

The body of the new car is similar to the 12C model and the makers claim it is as much aerodynamically efficient as the original. But the down-force has been increased by 24 percent to give the car more stability. The front is based on the P1 model. Large contrasting black air intakes have been added to the sides that keep the powerful engine cool. The 650S will come with exclusive Pirelli MC1 tires wrapped around its wheels.

The inside of the 650S is also very much alike to the 12C. it does not compromise with the quality and has plenty of suede and leather in the interior. An updated McLaren chassis control system has been added in the car. Other standard features include navigation, satellite radio and Bluetooth. Buyers can also select from optional features like carbon fiber made fixed back racing seats and rear backup camera.

Engine/ Performance

The engine of the McLaren 650S is same as the P1 and 12C, a 3.8 liter M838T turbocharged V8 engine. However the power of the engine have been increased from 600PS/ 591 horsepower to 650PS 640 horsepower. The gearbox is the standard McLaren seven-speed dual clutch. The car is phenomenally fast with 0-60 mph in three seconds and a top speed of 207 mph.


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