2015 Mercedes Benz GLA UK Version

2015 Mercedes Benz GLA UK Version 1 2015 Mercedes Benz GLA UK Version

2015 Mercedes Benz GLA UK Version 4 2015 Mercedes Benz GLA UK Version

Here is the all new version from one if the top models and car manufacturing companies named the Mercedes and they are all set to make their all new model public. The car manufacturer is known for demanding and carrying out which can help in ensuring the best of results. This will definitely provide and amaze the car fans so that they can follow it up with that particular strategy, so finally the brand has revealed and disclosed all details regarding their all new model named as the Mercedes Benz GLA which is all set to be going on roads by 2014. The car was revealed much before the Frankfurt motor show which was detailed and made public. The car came into light in September at the motor show.

However as far as the technical specifications of the car is concerned the car has almost all the latest features that make it amongst the most effective features. The car that comes with GLA is basically a high riding Class A car that has muscular body and features on its looks. The outer appearance as well as the interiors are balanced and design just to make sure to maze the customers with it special features and designs all around. The features modifications and up gradations that comes along with the car are dual exhaust system, tail gate emerged and mounted spoiler and almost similar and identical interior cabin system. These are some new modifications that have been enabled with this new car and this will definitely attract the followers.

The dimension of the car that has been modified and brought about few changes are 4417 mm in length, 1804 mm in width and 1494 mm in height, the overall drag coefficient of the car is around 0.29. The car comes along with fuel tan capacity of 421 liters and it has rear seat up of around 836 liters a get back. With this new machine the customers can get a unique and quite different specification that comes along with it such as the load area and it has been changed by 60 liters and this is without fold rear seats. This can be made possible just by moving the rear seats and unit at a steeper length juts by moving the cargo of 481 liters.

However the most effective and efficient thin k that is associated with the car is its engine and the car has been powered by gasoline engine that includes 1.6 liter and it delivers an superb output level of 156 horse power or 115 kW in this GLA 200 model. The other variant that comes along with the engine delivers an output power of 211 horse power or 155 kW and the GLA 250 that are some changed and varied changes. The car comes along with a effective and reliable fuel efficiency as well as energy consumption rate which help sin providing the most reliable services.

The energy consumption and carbon emission rates are most important features that are associated with the car demand and this are also considered when it comes with this new GLA model. The fuel consumption is found to be 100 kilometers per 7.1 liters of fuel and the emission rates are also quite low enough. However when it come with some of the latest technology and features the model has been featured with new safety and security features. Most of the security and other up gradations that come along with the car are much to the demand of public and will suit every individual. So hope it comes up good and satisfies the customers.


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