2015 Morgan Plus 8 Speedster Limited Edition

2015 Morgan Plus 8 Speedster Limited Edition 4 2015 Morgan Plus 8 Speedster Limited Edition

Morgan’s is marking the 100th anniversary these years and for that reason they are featuring the new version of the car which comes with a 8 plus speedster that is available in limited edition from the brand. That car will be available for few edition sin UK and the car is faceted with 8 valve engine that is capable of delivering an output power of around 367 horse power or around 274 kW which is generated by a torque factor of around 490 newton meter that comes along with sox speed manual gearbox and the car also comes along with six speed automatic gearbox system.

The car provides such high performance and switches from 0 to 100 kilometer per hour in just 4.2 seconds which has been made possible for its superb styling and driving capabilities. The car comes with high fuel efficiency and low carbon emissions for its class which adds all the necessary aspects for this particular version of the car. A whopping amount has been fixed for this version and this is superbly maintained and designed when it comes to such version of the car a ease and at the comfort of such top class brand in the market.


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