2015 Qoros 3 Hatch details

2015 Qoros 3 Hatch 1 2015 Qoros 3 Hatch details

China based automobile company Qoros Auto co. ltd. Brought out its very first production model in 2013. It was a four dour sedan. Now the company is looking to increase its portfolio and has decided to launch a hatchback version of the car.

Hatchback cars have been a hit since their birth especially in urban areas. In a congested city, it is easier for a driver to drive/park hatchbacks than big sedans and SUV’s. Add to that the aspect of maintenance and efficiency and all will agree that good hatchbacks are the modern day choice. Now the question is whether this new hatchback will be able to live to the expectations of the consumers.

Exterior Looks

The Qoros 3 Hatch is set to make its debut at the famed Geneva Motor show. Appearance wise the car has a simple yet sporty, modern look. It is likely to attract drivers of the new generation. The front grill is divided in two parts along with the bumper and narrow headlights pushed towards the side. The rear is quite similar to other hatchbacks with small taillights and two exhausts hidden by the rear bumper.

Interior Looks

The inside of the car combines style with substance. A large LCD occupies the center and works as the navigation while the audio system has been subtlety placed under it. The driver will be able to connect his smart-phone with the cars software allowing him to pick up calls without touching the device. The interior theme colors are black and beige. All together the interior gives out a feel of luxury.

Engine/ tires/ handling

The engine is a 1.6 liter one, belting out 126 hp. The gearbox is manual six-speed but there is also option of automatic. The car offers decent handling and the breaks are also quite responsive. The tires have a good grip and are well suited for the city roads.


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