2015 Toyota Camry details and photos

2015 Toyota Camry 1 2015 Toyota Camry details and photos

2015 Toyota Camry 2 2015 Toyota Camry details and photos

2015 Toyota Camry Interior 4 2015 Toyota Camry details and photos

Finally the all-new 2015 Toyota Camry has been unveiled and this has been done by the brand with a new press conference and with providing all the best features and technical specialties that comes along with the model. Toyota which is setting up new trends and holding its own position as one of the leading car manufacturing company in the world is all set to launch their all new luxurious and new innovative model for its whole new concept and special specifications. There are lot of new features and details added with this version and all such factors makes it a model to reckon with and you can get to know whole set of information and other speculates from the upcoming model and it special features are also customer friendly. The images and a video show the impressive looks and superbly built body and its structure for the customers and its new ideas into play.

As far as the press release and other details regarding the model is concerned the brand is all known to provide different variants for its users which gives them the option to choose form its luxurious and also the highly efficient technical details of the car. There are three variants of the model that comes along and this are all featured with special categories

  • A variant that comes along with 2.5 liter and a four cylinder system that is capable of delivering an output power of around 178 horse power or 33 kW and the overall torque level that is generated by the model is around 230 newton meter.
  • There is a hybridized model which comes along with a 2.5 liter that come along with four cylinders and it is capable of delivering an output power of around 200 horse power or 149 kW.
  • Another variant comes with 3.5 liter which comes with V6 engine and the model that delivers an output power of around 268 horsepower or 200 kW and the torque level generated by the model is around 336 newton meter.

The brand is known to bring out some extensive and wide ranges of models that are beneficial and with full customer satisfactions. With their version also the brand is taking full commitments and is trying to make sure everything is just perfecta and it is among the most luxury and comfortable eversions with all new innovations and whole set of designs. The headlights and tail lights are redesigned that allows the model a new dimension. The car comes along with 19 inch alloy wheels that help sin designing and giving a complete new picture and specialty for the model. Make it your favorite and you can try out this new version for its whole new designs.

There are lot of safety and security aspects feature with this model and all such are accounted or considered keeping in mind the flexibility and whole new features and specialties that comes in. the improved technical details and engine specifications allows the engine or the car to perform better and also much to the effectiveness of its design and other specialties. As far as the design and whole other accessories are concerned, there are some special feature and details include along with the basic model which enables you to get and learn about the bard and it whole new series of design that have come in the market. There is a 4.2 inch TFT screen that comes along with it and this enables the car to perform all the basic functions and infotainments aspects. These are all best and added features that are included alongside all facilities in the model.


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