2015 Volvo S60L PPHEV Concept

2015 Volvo S60L PPHEV Concept 1 2015 Volvo S60L PPHEV Concept

2015 Volvo S60L PPHEV Concept Interior 1 2015 Volvo S60L PPHEV Concept

With the Beijing motor show nearby some of the top brands are featuring and launching their all new versions and models to draw the attention of the customers round the world. The new version that is all set to hit the roads soon enough is from Volvo which is known for manufacturing new ranges of affordable and luxury vehicles at ease and comfort factor. You can feel free and take the pleasure in hiring this version of the car that so enabled with new specifications and other details. The car has been featured with new engine concept that delivers an output power of around 238 horse power and the overall torque generated is around 350 newton meter.

The superb but simple engine helps n delivering such high performance and superb styling factor with this new version. The car has high fuel efficiency and also low carbon emission which adds a new dimension and versatility to the work of the car. These are some of the best specifications that have been brought by the brand and this allows the car to provide such high and extensive performances in the market. Let’s hope this features satisfies the customers and they opts for this version.


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