MG launches the 2015 Dynamo Concept on 90th anniversary

2015 MG Dynamo Concept MG launches the 2015 Dynamo Concept on 90th anniversary

British sports car maker MG has turned 90 this year and they are marking this occasion with the launch of the MG Dynamo concept. This is seen as an attempt by the brand to break free from its classic car image and head into new directions.

This concept electric vehicle which was recently unveiled in London has been created at the SAIC motors Design/ Technical Center in Europe. Its aim is to cover the latest in designing ideas and technology. The company wants to understand the European electric car market with this car.

At this moment detailed information is not available. The Dynamo concept is based on the Roewe E50 electric vehicle which is MG’s sister company. The front fascia has similarities with the Nissan Leaf. The car has a sloping roofline, five-spoke alloy wheels and uses LED fog lights.

In the power department, an electric motor produces 70 hp (52 kW) and torque of 155 Nm/114 lb-ft. When fully charged the car can travel around 80 km /49.7 miles. After the battery charge is used, you can recharge it up to 80 percent in 30 minutes and in six hours it will be fully recharged. The car can accelerate o-30 in about 5 seconds.

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