2014 Seat Ibiza Cupster Concept

2014 Seat Ibiza Cupster Concept 1 2014 Seat Ibiza Cupster Concept

Here is the all new Seat Ibiza Cupster which is all set to hit the market next year, the brand has already featured and launched the car is some of the top car shows and the model is its best part which shoes unique and whole new features with it. The brand is marking its presence in the market with this all new model and this particular design has been featured with new and improved accessories that will definitely allow the customers to get more out of it. The engine and specifications are also good enough and the brand ensures that the model is good with its base price.

The brand has been featured with 1.4 liter of TSI turbocharged gasoline engine that has been fitted for the first time by the car brand and there are producing an amazing output power of around 180 PS which is around 132 KW and the overall torque generation by the model is around 250 newton meter or around 184 lb-ft and the front axles of the car has been enabled and designed with DSG transmissions. The seating and interiors are all comfortable enough and this makes the car existed and good enough for usage. However the brand has featured the all new aniline wrapped steering and along with that out can find comfortable and new ranges of seats.

The seating position for the brand has been lowered by 80 mm and this makes it much more comfortable and effective for customers using the brand. The car comes along with 18 inch alloy wheels and the model has been the best part when it comes to its designs and other specialties. This all adds up and gives the much needed promotion of the brand which is marketing its thirtieth anniversary in the market.


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