2015 Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive

2015 Mercedes B Class Electric Drive 1 2015 Mercedes B Class Electric Drive

One of the reputed and famous car manufacturing companies in the business Mercedes is all set to release their all new version named the Mercedes B-Class which is revealed with its price tag and all new electric driving specialties. The Mercedes B-Class comes around a base price of 41,450 dollars when it goes for sale this summer in United States. The brand has given utmost preference to its whole new safety and security aspects making it suitable enough for all customers. There are different ranges of feature that comes along with the model such as the parking assistance, automatic cruise control, lane assistances, automatic climate control features, collision avoidance and many more.

When comes to the most important that is the engine the new Mercedes B-Class has been featured with new electric motor that helps in delivering an output power of around 177 horse power and the torque level generated by the model is around 340 newton meter. The car also switches from 0 to 100 kilometer per hour in juts 7.9 seconds and the model has been limited with a top speed of around 161 kilometer per hour. That is a new and advanced model that has in wait for the customers.


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