2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo

2015 Nissan GT R Nismo 1 2015 Nissan GT R Nismo

2015 Nissan GT R Nismo 2 2015 Nissan GT R Nismo

Japanese car makers stunned the world in 2007 with its production of Nissan GT-R. It was one of the fastest production cars on the road and became something of an icon for the brand. It was affectionately named Godzilla in Japan. The makers have been constantly evolving the car and now for the year 2015 they have introduced a new version of the Nissan GT-R also called the GT-R Nismo. It is more refined version of four wheeled brute that has almost reached the level of a super car. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see how this new incarnation of the car performs on the road.

Exterior/ Interior

This new Nissan model remains one of the most visually striking cars in production. its race car influenced look has been retained. The six spoke black alloy wheels are an example of that. It sports multi LED headlights to create a distinct effect. It also improves the car’s night time performance by giving the driver a better visual. The new lights have Adaptive Front lighting System that automatically adapts with the light beam’s angle according to the car’s speed. There is also a new rear spoiler, tapered rear bumper and four ring tail light signature. The car’s body is built using steel, carbon fiber and die-cast aluminum to guarantee maximum performance. The car is fitted with Dunlop Sport tires, for great road-holding and proper response under all types of condition.

For the interior, the buyer can choose out of three color schemes which include a new shade of ivory. The steering wheel and the seats all are in leather with the seats getting special stitched accents.

Other Features

The engine of the Nissan GT-R Nismo produces a mind boggling 6oo horse power. other notable features are Bose audio system, 3D navigation and Bluetooth functions.


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