2015 Nissan Pulsar details and photos

2014 Nissan Pulsar 1 2015 Nissan Pulsar details and photos

2014 Nissan Pulsar 4 2015 Nissan Pulsar details and photos

After lots of speculations and buzz about the launch date the brand Nissan has finally disclosed all the details and technical specialties of their new brand and model which has been named as the Nissan Pulsar and this model is all set to hit the roads by the end of the year. The price tag is however not revealed and this is quite understandable as you can know about it in coming few month when the launch date will year. Apart from that the brand has taken full care so that the brand looks capable and highly subtle for all road conditions the mode comes along with extensive and high ranges of features that help sin delivering the class and quality of the model. This is what can be expected from the brand and as far as the brand specialties goes there are some top class and new features that are included with this versions

The specialty about all this new model is that it comes along with 2700 mm wheelbase and this was followed by the teaser or a small vied that was revealed couple of days before. The all new Nissan Pulsar is a hatchback model that comes with five doors and the model is all set to hit the dealers by the end of the year and specifically in European market. The brand features some new and upgraded technological features that come along with the model and this is what makes the car extensive and new in its ranges. The Nissan Pulsar has a superior styling and improved front fiasco that is much more improved than Qashqai. The wheelbase is quite new to this model and it has been raised to 2700 mm and the overall length of the car is around 4385 mm which is new and improved and provides sufficient leg room for passengers travelling with this machine.

The important features d technical specialties with this model is the engine and the car has been featured with 1.2 DIG-T gasoline engine that is capable enough to generate an output power of around 115 PS or around 84 KW and there is also a another variants available with this particular brand that has been featured with 1.6 liter of engine that delivers around 190 PS or around 139 KW. There is also a diesel engine available with this particular machine which help is such extensive ranges of this brand and it comes with 1.5 dCi engine that has the capability of generating around 110 PS and the torque generated by the model is around 260 newton meter or around 192 lb-ft and the carbon di oxide emissions for the engine is around 95 grams per kilometer. Almost all the engines are coupled with a new engine that gas a six speed manual gearbox and that comes along with CVT option.

Apart from such technical specifications there are whole new ranges of facilities and safety features added with the machine and this model helps in delivering extreme and wide ranges of new up gradations with this particular model. The brand has made sure that you get all new up graded navigation, climate control features with a 19 inch alloy wheels along its body. There are blind spot detection systems, automatic lane departure warning facility and a new object detection which has a forward braking system at the front. You ca also connect the machine with any of the new generation smartphones and other accessories that are essential for the purpose, make sure this all adds to its feature and helps in getting all the customer reviews and demand with its class.


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