Face-lifted 2015 Mercedes CLS ready for release

2015 Mercedes Benz CLS facelift 10 Face lifted 2015 Mercedes CLS ready for release

2015 Mercedes Benz CLS facelift Interior 1 Face lifted 2015 Mercedes CLS ready for release

The origins of German brand Mercedes-Benz can be traced back to 1886, when Karl Benz developed Benz Patent Motorwagen, considered as the first ever automobile. It also holds the distinction of launching the first petrol powered car. The brands rich legacy is also reflected in its slogan which when translated into English, stands as ‘The best or nothing.’ In its long history, the brand has lived up to the expectations and at present is one of the oldest and most famous automobile brands in the world. Mercedes has also innovated many safety and technological functions that were later adopted by other brands. Take a look into any one of its model line-ups and you will realize the reason for its success. The company regularly adds new revisions in its models to make it even better. A good example can be the Mercedes-Benz CLS Class. The model was originally introduced in 2004, with the second generation coming out in 2011. While it is mainly produced as a mid-size luxury four dour coupe, there is also a wagon variation known as the Shooting star. Going by the nature of the brand, a new facelift was teased few months ago. Now the face-lifted ‘2015 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class’ has been revealed and will have its official release at the Goodwood Festival at the end of June, 2014. Both the four door coupe and the Shooting star wagon variation will receive the facelift as well as a new engine. But there is another notable addition that many are calling the main highlight of the facelift. Prof Dr Thomas Weber, Management Board Member , who is looking after the research and development of Mercedes-Benz Cars, has made an official statement on the occasion of its release. He said, “With the CLS Coupé and the CLS Shooting Brake we have built design icons which also set the pulse racing faster in their latest incarnation courtesy of their enthralling lines. With new high-tech ingredients such as the innovative MULTIBEAM LED headlamps which start a new chapter in lighting design, the nine-speed automatic transmission and or the progressive multimedia system, both models also define new cutting-edge technology.”

New Headlights

The new revised CLS comes with powerful Multibeam LED headlights, with 24 individually-controlled LEDs’. The LEDs’ are automatically adjusted to 100 times per second with the help of four control units and a camera. The lights can easily detect an oncoming vehicle and automatically adjust the light beam so that the sight of the oncoming vehicle’s driver is not affected. This feature can be very useful in preventing accidents, especially on highways. Moreover, these advanced headlights are also able to detect upcoming road bends and illuminate them before you make the turn. Also the navigation system of the car will detect roundabouts and then automatically the light beam will get adjusted to give the driver optimal visibility.


Since this is a ‘facelift’ you get more than a pair of new headlights. A freshly designed front section has been given a diamond radiator grille along with a new bumper that has bigger air intakes. Changes have been made to the rear too with the rear bumper getting vertical vents and the tail-lamps given multi-level function. After the official release it will be clear if there are any more revisions. Inside, changes are brought by the 8 inch free-standing display and a new sports steering wheel.


Two new engines, petrol and a diesel will be added to the existing line-up. The diesel engine is a turbocharged 2.1-liter 4-cylinder CLS 220 BlueTEC unit that produces 168bhp and torque of 400Nm. On the other hand the petrol engine is a turbocharged 3.5-litre V6 unit producing 328bhp and 480 Nm torque. The new engines will be paired with 9G-Tronic, world’s first 9-speed auto transmission.


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