Honda Launches 2015 Special Edition Pilot

2015 Honda Pilot Special Edition 1 Honda Launches 2015 Special Edition Pilot

2015 Honda Pilot Special Edition 5 Honda Launches 2015 Special Edition Pilot

Honda Motors have been producing the crossover SUV, ‘Pilot’ since 2002. It is the largest Honda SUV in production and was launched mainly for the North American market where big SUV’s are very popular. The second generation model was launched in 2012 along with a facelift. The car has maintained steady sales over the years. Honda has recently announced the ‘Honda Pilot 2015 Special Edition’. It is not a full scale upgrade therefore ant significant mechanical or aesthetic changes should not be expected. It is actually an addition to its present range with few new features. It is being launched in the USA only.


The special edition has been given special badges and pewter gray aluminum wheels to distinguish it from other models. It is available in both front-wheel drive and All-wheel drive. It has been given a power moonroof so that the passengers can enjoy the natural sights and sound. The car is high on entertainment features with a Sirus XM satellite radio and rear seat DVD entrainment system. Not much information about the interior of the car is available at the moment except that it has three row seating like the earlier models. Other features include rearview camera, remote entry and Class III trailer hitch.


The’Honda Pilot Special Edition’ uses the same engine as the other models- 3.5-liter V6 engine paried with a five speed auto transmission. The engine can produce 250 bhp/186 kW and torque of 253 lb-ft/ 342 Nm. The fuel efficiency is unchanged in the special edition. For the front-wheel drive model, the figures are – 18 mpg for city, 25 mpg for highway and 21 mpg for combined. The four-wheel drive model consumes a little more and the figures are – 17 mpg for city, 24 mpg for highway and 20 mpg for combined.


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