Larte Design Mercedes GL Black Crystal unveiled

Larte Design Mercedes GL Black Crystal 1 Larte Design Mercedes GL Black Crystal unveiled

Larte Design Mercedes GL Black Crystal 6 Larte Design Mercedes GL Black Crystal unveiled

The creative team at Larte Design had been working rigorously towards designing their new Mercedes crossover. The results of their efforts was now unveiled. This is the dark sided motorized monster – the Mercedes GL Black Crystal that is all set to dominate the road with its aggressive design. The overall design of the body kit is vaguely reminiscent of a jeep in the statement of power and presence that it makes. It is definitely one of the largest SUVs of its kind, but at the same time its design and specs are bound to appeal to the fans of the sports cars.

The distinctive front fascia of the newly designed GL Black Crystal comes with an enlarged grille that gives an impression of dominating the road. A martial look is imparted by the boomerang shaped elements. It is highlighted by the LED daytime running lights that flank the grille. The side skirts have been revised at the back. The wheel arches have now been extended and the car is fitted with 22 inches alloy wheels. Some of the most inspirational design of the car lies at the rear. The rear bumper has been thoroughly revised. The center brake lights are inspired by Formula One design. The four tailpipe stainless steel exhaust system with its unique combination of steel on the inside and carbon on the outside complete the rear design of the car.

This latest model of Mercedes is powered by a 3.0 liters V6 diesel engine that delivers a maximum power of 290 PS and a top torque of 690 Nm. This is an impressive increase from the last model. Power delivery has been increased by 32 PS while torque has been increased by 70 Nm. The overall result is a highly impressive and superior performing vehicle that is bound to impress every one.


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