Volkswagen’s new 2014 T-Roc Concept

2014 Volkswagen T Roc Concept 2 Volkswagen’s new 2014 T Roc Concept

2014 Volkswagen T Roc Concept 7 Volkswagen’s new 2014 T Roc Concept

2014 Volkswagen T Roc Concept Interior Volkswagen’s new 2014 T Roc Concept

German auto giants Volkswagen, in recent years, have regularly come up with concept cars. While some of them have received high praises, some have failed to stir the imagination of car aficionados. More importantly none of the models have been sent for production. At the prestigious 2014 Geneva Auto Show in March, Volkswagen presented yet another crossover concept, the ‘T-Roc’. As per reports, the company is quite serious in taking this car for production and most likely it will hit the road in about three years time. Although the ‘Volkswagen T-Roc’ is SUV/crossover, it is about the size of the Volkswagen Polo. The concept is a two door car but the production model is expected to be a five door.


The new car is based on the MQB variable automobile platform that Volkswagen is giving much priority these days. It is well proportioned and has a progressive design. An extra pair of round front fog lights has been added. The front fascia has a wide grille with integrated LED projector lamps. The roof of the car has a fancy feature. It has two portions which can be separated and stored in the trunk so that you can have an open top.

The car can sit 4 people. The interior has been designed using leather and cloth material. Volkswagen is going for the totally digital dashboard with this car. The 12.3 inch TFT gauge meter is quite impressive. Also there are cameras for both outside and inside of the car that can be controlled using a tablet in the central console.


The ‘T-Roc’ concept has been fitted with Volkswagen’s standard 2.0 liter turbo diesel paired with a DSG 7 speed gearbox. The engine can be set in three modes- off-road, snow and street. It can produce 181 horsepower and torque of 280 lb ft.


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