2015 Ford Mustang gets a performance pack

2015 Ford Mustang 4 2015 Ford Mustang gets a performance pack

The iconic Ford Mustang will be turning 50 soon. The fiftieth anniversary will also mark the launch of the sixth generation ‘2015 Ford Mustang’. It was first unveiled in December of 2013 and is now in production stage. It features new mechanical features and evolved styling at the same time retaining the classic Mustang elements. Ford will also be offering a performance pack for the new model, the details of which were released recently. The pack will be available on the GT and EcoBoost versions. According to the official press release, “With an all-new platform and fully independent suspension, the 2015 Ford Mustang sets new handling benchmarks for the brand, achieving world-class performance in both dynamics and ride quality…Despite being so much stronger, this is a very efficient horse, with a body-in-white that is actually lighter than the previous version. This was achieved through extensive use of advanced technologies and materials including hydroforming, laser welding and high-strength steels. Lightweight aluminum is used for the hood and front fenders to help reduce body mass and improve the weight balance…Attention to detail throughout the design process yielded significant weight savings that helped to offset the increases from adding performance-enhancing features such as larger, more powerful brakes and independent rear suspension. The result is a vehicle that is more capable than before while remaining significantly lighter overall than key competitors.”

The features of the performance pack include:

  • Returned suspension with monotube rear dampers, bushings and new springs.
  • Thicker sway bar on the rear
  • A K-brace ( works as connection between strut towers and the bulkhead)
  • Electronic stability control (revised ESC), ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) and power-assisted steering wheel
  • Extra capability of cooling for the “track-day durability”

In the ‘Mustang Ecoboost’ the pack will add – 19-inch ebony black alloy wheels and Pirelli tires, 3.55:1 final drive ratio and updated braking with rotors and four-piston calipers. In the ‘Mustang GT’ there will be some more additions like front splitter, strut tower brace, 3.73:1 final drive ratio, wider 19 inch wheels, Brembo brake calipers ( six-piston and rotors) and Torsen rear differential.

Chief engineer of Mustang, Dave Pericak said, “We set out to create an all-new Mustang that would go, handle and stop better than any previous Mustang, while also being a better all-around daily driver… The results speak for themselves – during track testing, the 2015 Mustang GT with performance package consistently beat the lap times of the 2012-2013 Mustang Boss 302.” VP of Global Product Development, Raj Nair said, “When we began development of the sixth-generation Mustang, we knew we had a challenge ahead of us to beat ever-increasing customer expectations, as well as new competitors in the marketplace… We added content where it mattered – including an independent rear suspension for better handling and ride, and bigger brakes for better, shorter and more consistent stops. We also doubled the number of airbags.” Tom Barnes who is the vehicle engineering manager of Mustang, said, In order to develop precise and predictable handling characteristics, a car needs a solid platform where the suspension mounts don’t move relative to one another… The structure of the new Mustang is much more resistant to twisting, with 28 percent more torsional stiffness for the fastback and a 15 percent improvement for the convertible.”

The ‘2015 Ford Mustang’ will come with three engine options. There is a standard 7.0 liter V6 engine (300 hp and torque of 280 lb-ft.), a 2.3 liter turbocharged, direct injection EcoBoost engine (310 hp and torque of 320 lb-ft) and the top of the range, 5.0 liter V8 (435 horsepower and torque of 400 lb-ft).


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