2015 Renault Sandero in Brazil

2015 Renault Sandero 1 2015 Renault Sandero in Brazil

2015 Renault Sandero Interior 2 2015 Renault Sandero in Brazil

The ‘Sandero’ is a jointly produced car by French brand Renault and Romanian brand Dacia which is now a subsidiary of Renault. The super-mini car was launched in 2007 as a 2008 model year, based on the platform that was used in another joint production, the ‘Logan.’ Renault’s Brazilian division has recently introduced the hatchback’s second generation. In October 2013, Renault Brazilian division had launched the ‘Logan’ sedan and now it is time of its hatchback cousin. Although it is actually a rebadged ‘Dacia’, Renault has given it a partially modified exterior that includes, chrome accents, modified front grille and a modified front bumper.

Renault will fit the base model with a 16-valve 1.0 liter engine that delivers 80 bhp (57 kW) and can also run on ethanol. Those who ra\\are looking for something more powerful can go for te 8-valve 1.6 liter engine that has an output of 98 bhp (73 kW) and 106 bhp (79 kW) when fueled by the ethanol.

Some of the available features of the new ‘Renault Sandero’ are- auto climate control, rear parking sensors, Media Nav infotainment and navigation system developed by LG, Bluetooth support and USB connectivity. Other notable features are- electric mirror/ windows and mirrors, ABS, front airbags , leather covered steering wheel and more.


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