Nissan rolls out ‘2015 Nismo Note’

2015 Nissan Note Nismo 1 Nissan rolls out ‘2015 Nismo Note’

Japanese carmaker Nissan has officially unveiled their latest offering the’ Note Nismo’. While at this moment only some photos are available, the full details are expected within a few days. Talking about the new car, Nissan CEO Shoichi Miyatani said, “Celebrating Nismo’s 30th anniversary, we are planning to expand the number of models available in our road-car lineup. The Note Nismo we introduced today is truly symbolic to the Nismo brand in that it represents the fusion between motorsports that’s embedded in Nismo’s DNA and the success of the Note as a mass production vehicle”.

The car is set to go on sale few months later. It is the fifth model offering from the famous Japanese brand that has been given the Nismo treatment. the new model will be available in two variants – ‘Nismo’ and ‘Nismo S’. Both will be powered by a specially tuned petrol engine paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox. Official technical details are not out yet. In terms of looks, the car will be a bit different from the standard Note model thanks to the new custom front grille, modified bumpers, side sill protectors and roof spoiler etc.

Nissan says the Nismo team has also modified the car’s tires, suspension and aerodynamic features. Special sports are available, standard for ‘Nismo S’ and optional for the ‘Nismo’.


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